About Us

We believe that cross border exchange of ideas and experiences is the most enriching form of communication and leads to great new ideas and profitable business opportunities.  That is why we set up ALPHAZIRKEL and IFEN.

Andreas E. Mach, President and Founder of ALPHAZIRKEL, Platform for Family Entrepreneurs, Munich/Germany Andreas

Andreas E. Mach holds a Master of Public and International Affairs (USA) M.P.I.A. as well as a Magister Artium M.A.. His professional career (20 years) includes senior executive positions as Managing Director, Member of the Board in banking, investment banking and finance. His entrepreneurial career (8 years) includes building successful Private Equity and Corporate Finance & Top Management Advisory firms. He strongly focuses on Repositioning, Growth & Development, Marketing and Sales Excellence, Human Resources, Corporate Finance, M & A and Private Equity. Andreas E. Mach who has a M.A. in Art History, collects art and advises art collectors.

He has both a strong Family Business Background (Family Business dates back to the early 19th century) and international Experience in Europe/USA/Middle East and Asia. Above all he has in-depth knowledge and managerial and investment experience in many industries and business models: i.e. media, transport, retail, banking, publishing, food, luxury goods, hospitality industry and real estate. He is co-owner of 2962 Geiger Mach Group, an advisory and investment company based in Munich.

Beatrice Rodenstock, managing partner of the company Rodenstock – Gesellschaft für Familienunternehmen mbH (a limited liability company) and the family company Rodenstock, Munich beatrice

Beatrice Rodenstock is managing partner of Rodenstock – Gesellschaft für Familienunternehmen mbH. After studying sociology, economics and psychology, she began her career as a management consultant at the Inhouse Consulting of Daimler Chrysler AG. Afterwards she was co-founder of an Internet Start-up and achieved an MBA from the University of St. Gallen. In 2003, she co-founded NaviGet Management Consulting GmbH with two partners and supported change processes in family-run businesses. In 2011 she developed this segment into a separate company called Rodenstock – Gesellschaft für Familienunternehmen. Here she continues to advise family businesses in the areas of succession planning, family and business governance and organizational development. She also has a seat as an advisory board member in several family businesses. As an entrepreneur, consultant and a member of the fifth generation of a family business she knows the challenges exactly which must be mastered. She is also a shareholder of Familienholding Optical Works G. Rodenstock GmbH & Co. KG.

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