Alphazirkel 2014

25 January 2014: Hahnenkammrennen (Ski Race) for Alphazirkel Family Enterprises Kitzbühel/Austria.

6 February 2014: ALPHAZIRKEL Entrepreneurial Evening at 7 p.m. Palais Montgelas – „Champions League Bavaria” – How does on become and stay a hidden champion? Stories from bavarian family enterprises.

5 March 2014: ALPHAZIRKEL Entrepreneurial Meeting at 7 p.m. Palais Montgelas: „The Family Office as a form of Family Enterprise“ – Challenges for Family Enterprises.

3 April 2014: ALPHAZIRKEL SWITZERLAND, Entrepreneurial Evening at 6 p.m Zunfthaus zur Meisen, Zurich: “Generational changes in family enterprises“ – From the strong father to dealing with stakeholders during a generational change.

8 April 2014: On-Site at Drom Fragrances in Baierbrunn at 6 p.m. hosted by Dr. Andreas and Dr. Ferdinand Storp: „Perfumers-Family Entrepreneurs-Brand“ With a tour of the enterprise-owned Flacon Museum, an international reknown collection.

29 April 2014: On-Site at Wöhrl AG Nürnberg-City at 7 p.m.: A meeting of Fashion & Family & Brands around the topic of : „Fashion and Textile, a Domain of German Family Entrepreneurs – but also tomorrow? “ Moderated by Michael Werner, Editor in Chief, Textilwirtschaft.

4 June 2014: 3rd Turkish German Family Entrepreneur Summit at 5 p.m. in the Summer residence oft he German Consul in Tarabya/Istanbul: „Owner’s Governance in Family Enterprises“, with a German-Austrian-Swiss delegation. Keynote by Prof. Dr. Arist von Schlippe, Universität Witten-Herdecke. Turkish family enterprise ca be visited upon request.

26 June 2014: Boardroom Meeting für Publishers at 5 p.m. at Mittelbayerischen Zeitung, Regensburg: „About  Digital Immigrants and other Target Groups – Business strategies of a regional Newspaper Publishing Business Geschäftsstrategien 2014“. Hosted by Peter and Thomas Esser.

19 July 2014: ALPHAZIRKEL Austria together with Festspiele Salzburg. Discussion about: „Patronage – Entrepreneurship “ followed by attendance of  a concert „Konzert am Dom“. A cooperation with Zürcher Kantonalbank Österreich AG.

September 2014: ALPHAZIRKEL SÜDTIROL: „Succession between family wishes and entrepreneurship“. A discussion by South-Tyrolean family entrepreneurs with  the ALPHAZIRKEL (Date TBA).

17 October 2014: ALPHAZIRKEL INTERNATIONAL at 7 p.m., Pauly-Saal Berlin: „Management – Strategy – Ownership“. A discussion between CEOs and Family Entrepreneurs from around the globe. In cooperation with Buse Heberer Fromm.

November 2014: ALPHAZIRKEL Entrepreneurs Excursion to India: Family Entrepreneurs visit Family Entrepreneurs from the textile, automotive, media and real estate sector.  

28 November 2014: ALPHAZIRKEL AUSTRIA at 6 p.m. Hotel Sacher Salzburg: „HIDDEN FAMILY CHAMPIONS DER ALPEN – going global from the mountain village“.  A joint podium discussion with entrepreneurs from ALPHAZIRKEL, ALPHAZIRKEL SWITZERLAND, ALPHAZIRKEL AUSTRIA und ALPHAZIRKEL SOUTH TYROL.

11 December 2014: Christmas talk with sponsors and friends of ALPHAZIRKEL at Palais Montgelas:

„Family Entrepreneurs are different: What motivates them? What do they fear? What do they feel? Moderated by Nina Ruge.


Nina Ruge | Amelie Fried | Beatrice Rodenstock | Andreas E. Mach

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