Ergin Imre Veli, Turkey

EI VESIKALIK 2Ergin Imre Veli was born in 1958 as the son of Dr. Izzet Imre, a medical researching doctor, and Safiye Imre, the daughter of Turkey’s distributor for Mercedes Benz, Bosch, VDO etc. In 1961 the family moved to Munich, Germany where Dr. Imre joined a scholarship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation on the “Isolation of the Rheumafactor”. Five years later the company of his Grandfather went nearly bankrupt due to the economic decline of Turkey. As a result the family had to leave Germany and take over his grandfather’s business.

After finishing the German Gymnasium in 1976 in Istanbul, Ergin Imre went to the ETH Zürich and graduated as “Diplom Chemie Ingenieur ETH” in 1981. Afterwards Mr. Imre started to work in a research project on the “Physical behaviour of the DNA and RNA macro molecules in water-in-oil, micro emulsions” and co-authored four publications on the project.

In 1982 Mr. Imre entered the board of Mercedes Benz Türk. A.Ş., a bus and truck manufacturer in Turkey founded by his grandfather and Daimler Benz AG, until he left the board in 1999 after selling his shares to Daimler AG as the deputy Chairman of the Board. In 1984 the company Mengerler Ticaret T.A.Ş. went nearly bankrupt again because it was indebted in an environment of sky rocketing interest rates of Turkey. That was the time when Mr. Imre had to quit his carrier as a scientist and take over the business from his father. He started working as General Manager, first under his father and then Mr. Halit Sile as presidents. From 2009 until today Veli Ergin Imre is president of Ahmet Veli Menger Holding A.Ş. as well as of Mengerler Ticaret TAS.

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