Message from the Chairman

AndreasDear friends,

Cross border exchange of ideas and experiences is the most enriching form of communication and leads to great new ideas and profitable business opportunities.

This is why ALPHAZIRKEL has been successful as the leading German-speaking platform for family entrepreneurs since 2005. For many years we have been reaching out with German, Swiss and Austrian family entrepreneurs to selected countries and regions like Turkey, India, Brazil, China and the Middle East to foster the exchange of experience between family entrepreneurs around the globe.

ALPHAZIRKEL is a private non-profit initiative from family entrepreneurs for family entrepreneurs. At ALPHAZIRKEL guests and delegates won’t listen to presentations by professors or advisors but rather listen to family entrepreneurs who discuss issues and challenges with others usually on topics related to the biggest challenge of the family entrepreneur: how to keep the family business successful for generations

With our entrepreneurs’ discussions in Munich, Zurich, Salzburg and Bolzano we have been making a contribution to decision making in family enterprises, who face a generation change or a shareholder conflict. With our Turkish Germany Family Entrepreneur Summit, held annually in Istanbul and our Berlin Family Entrepreneur Think Tank we have created two discussion formats in English to connect German, Swiss and Austrian family entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs from around the globe.

We like family entrepreneurs to be storytellers about their families and companies and want to hear what made them successful, how they became international and how they secured a smooth transition into the next generation is.

We are very grateful to our International Family Entrepreneur Board and our sponsors for making this all possible so successfully. We hope to reach out more and more to family entrepreneurs who can participate in our network and benefit from exchanging views and experiences with entrepreneurs from different countries, cultures, and industries.

Andreas E. Mach

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